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* Dont Read if its against your thoughts or you are not ready/self-intrested.
* Mysterious Alfa is all about self search for Universal Truths.
* Effort to understand the Hidden Mystery Beyond our Thinking.
* To Understand and discover the Missed Link of Historical Truth.
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Mysterious Alfa is my Search for unexplained Universal Truths..!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nayak Rojini Pune Durgi - Unknown & Mysterious

"Nayak Rojini " Pune Durgi - Unknown & Mysterious vision -which may put us on mission, in search of This Hidden place in Indian surface!

Monday, February 4, 2013

IN.D-day of Reckoning??

"Rise of Arabian Sea - Earth shakes, waves rises when coastal cities of India wake up in west" vision @ its best...!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mysterious Vision around Russia North pole and St. Basil's Cathedral

Mysterious Vision around Russia North pole and St. Basil's Cathedral

Meteorite, Asteroid disaster in Russia / North Pole

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alfa Intro

Praise to the Lord
Mysterious Alfa is my Search for unexplained Universal Truths.
Word of God -“Watch, Mortal man listen carefully and pay close attention to everything I show you,
because this is why you were brought here” [ Ezekiel- 40:4]

Unexplained Universal Truths for which we call Mystery….Alpha to Omega from the beginning till the End there is a Mystery... A mystery which is beyond our thinking a mystery beyond our thoughts and beyond our reach…..

My intension is not only express about this worldly things but universal things too, where human beings or earthly things are no where. Because earth is just the small part of the big Universal system.

Throughout this reading Holy Spirit will reveal and you will find many strange things written without any knowledge. Which may make you to think about it deeply? Those who are blind for them these things are just a waste paper in dustbin.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Alfa - New Beginning

In this mysterious Universe we are all a small part, playing our very own unique role without our knowledge...
Has anyone ever tried to question what God is? Those whom we consider as our Gods and becoz of whom we create different religions…. what are we up to? If we go back to History of the past Mystery - there are many holy and noble persons, whom we consider as our Gods and saints… some have written the holy books and have taught us the mysterious things in their own way which we refer till now and throughout life without knowing the deep meaning, secret and the mysteries of the past universal truths hidden in it…

There is a Missing link of these
universal Mysteries and we wish to find a missing link of this universe, in the pages of history. One Great person in the past wished to tell us about these universal truths in his own way…but human beings did not accept him, as well as his teachings and till now no one knows what he really wanted to tell us. And that was the last opportunity one had… and now we have lost the opportunity, the last Missing link of this universal mystery. Which we divided in to B.C and A.D.

As considered there were many prophets whom God brought into life and who stood up and lived among us and they taught and prophesized many things… what they really wanted to tell us? And what we considered and assumed? No one in this world is 100% perfect? Let us think what is our role on this earth by having just one Life? What are the things that are there in this universe which are beyond our thinking? Is the Cosmology that we come across the real Truth? What is the Hidden power behind the entire Universe? What scientist say is that the real truth? If yes how much truth can we find in their invention? If we go on asking then there are n' number of Questions and if we go behind these questions to find the real and correct answer it will make us insane.

We are all the missing link of our ancestral secrets…yes we don't know what our ancestors
are aware of..!!! to know those missing links we are doing researches, inventions, our scientist are working hard and racking their brains day and night… but still what they predict out of their invention is not always right.. When we think about Great scientist and philosophers who reveal to us new things… we forget about the more unbelievable hidden mysteries that our early ancestors knew who were so much powerful and close to God ,who gained a vast knowledge of universal Truths without any research or reading any books!

This universe is generated out of nothing… but behind every movement, growth, creation there are changes which have happened. Till now there is one mysterious supernatural power which is beyond our reach. Our ancestors used the word called GOD! For this power!